Orchard Core CMS Administration

Orchard Core CMS is a free, open-source, modular, and multi-tenant Content Management System built on ASP.NET Core, and is licensed under the MIT License.

#What is Orchard Core CMS?

Orchard Core CMS is an open-source, modular, and extensible content management system built with .NET Core and C#. It provides a modern and customizable admin panel that can be easily configured to fit the specific needs of a project. With its flexible architecture, Orchard Core CMS allows developers to create and manage content-driven applications, from simple blogs to complex enterprise solutions.

#Orchard Core CMS Key Features

Most recognizable Orchard Core CMS features include:

  • Modular design with a rich set of built-in modules for common content management tasks
  • Flexible content modeling with support for custom content types and fields
  • Highly customizable and extensible admin panel with drag-and-drop layout editing
  • Built-in support for multitenancy, allowing multiple sites to be managed from a single instance
  • User management with support for roles and permissions
  • Workflow management with support for custom workflows and activities

#Orchard Core CMS Use-Cases

Some of the Orchard Core CMS use-cases are:

  • Creating and managing websites and blogs with rich content and multimedia capabilities
  • Building custom web applications with a content management system backend
  • Developing enterprise-level solutions with multitenancy support and advanced content modeling and workflows

#Orchard Core CMS Summary

Orchard Core CMS is a flexible and extensible content management system that provides a modern and customizable admin panel for managing content-driven applications.

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