Shiny Dashboard Administration

Shinydashboard is a package for creating beautiful dashboards with Shiny.

#What is Shiny Dashboard?

Shiny Dashboard is an open-source web application framework for building interactive dashboards in R programming language. It provides a simple and flexible way to create responsive data visualizations and data-driven applications. Shiny Dashboard is built on top of the Shiny web framework and allows users to easily incorporate HTML widgets, tables, graphs, and maps into their dashboards.

#Shiny Dashboard Key Features

Most recognizable Shiny Dashboard features include:

  • Easy to learn and use for R users and statisticians
  • Highly customizable and extensible with a wide range of HTML widgets and packages available
  • Responsive design that automatically adjusts to different screen sizes
  • Interactive components that allow users to interact with data and change visualizations in real-time
  • Server-side processing that can handle large and complex datasets
  • Comprehensive documentation and active community support

#Shiny Dashboard Use-Cases

Some of the Shiny Dashboard use-cases are:

  • Data exploration and visualization for research and analysis
  • Business intelligence and reporting for decision-making
  • Interactive data presentations and dashboards for conferences and presentations
  • Education and training in data science and statistics
  • Creation of data-driven web applications and APIs
  • Building interactive tools for data journalists and media professionals

#Shiny Dashboard Summary

Shiny Dashboard is a powerful and flexible web application framework for creating interactive data visualizations and applications in R programming language, with a wide range of customizable components and an active community of users and contributors.

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