Spring Boot Admin Administration

Spring Boot Admin is a community project to manage and monitor your Spring Boot Applications.

#What is Spring Boot Admin?

Spring Boot Admin is a web application that provides a dashboard to manage and monitor Spring Boot applications. It is built using Java and Kotlin programming languages and provides an easy way to manage and monitor multiple instances of Spring Boot applications.

#Spring Boot Admin Key Features

Most recognizable Spring Boot Admin features include:

  • Real-time monitoring: Spring Boot Admin provides real-time monitoring of your Spring Boot applications.
  • Health checks: It allows you to check the health of your application instances and provides an aggregated view of all your instances.
  • Logs: You can view and download logs of your Spring Boot application instances.
  • JMX viewer: It provides an interface to view JMX beans of your application instances.
  • Custom endpoints: You can define custom endpoints for your application instances and view their data.
  • Notifications: You can configure notifications for various events such as application down or endpoint status change.

#Spring Boot Admin Use-Cases

Some of the Spring Boot Admin use-cases are:

  • Managing and monitoring multiple Spring Boot applications from a single dashboard.
  • Troubleshooting issues by viewing logs and health status of your application instances.
  • Monitoring performance and resource usage of your Spring Boot applications.
  • Configuring custom endpoints to monitor custom metrics or events.

#Spring Boot Admin Summary

Spring Boot Admin is a powerful tool for managing and monitoring multiple Spring Boot applications with real-time monitoring, health checks, logs, JMX viewer, custom endpoints, and notifications.

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