Jekyll Assets Assets Pipeline

Jekyll-Assets is the most efficient and elegant way to manage assets in Jekyll.

#What is Jekyll Assets?

Jekyll Assets is a Ruby gem that adds an assets pipeline to Jekyll, a popular static site generator. The pipeline allows developers to process and optimize their assets such as stylesheets, JavaScript files, and images before they are served to the end-users.

#Jekyll Assets Key Features

Most recognizable Jekyll Assets features include:

  • Support for Sass, Less, and CoffeeScript
  • Automatic minification and concatenation of assets
  • Support for source maps for easier debugging
  • Cache-busting URLs for preventing browser caching issues
  • Automatic image optimization using ImageMagick or other tools
  • Customizable configuration options for fine-grained control over the asset pipeline

#Jekyll Assets Use-Cases

Some of the Jekyll Assets use-cases are:

  • Optimizing and managing the assets of static websites built with Jekyll
  • Creating more efficient and faster-loading web pages by optimizing images and scripts
  • Integrating third-party libraries and assets into Jekyll sites
  • Creating modular and reusable assets that can be shared across multiple Jekyll projects

#Jekyll Assets Summary

Jekyll Assets is a powerful and flexible asset pipeline for Jekyll that allows developers to easily manage and optimize their assets for faster and more efficient web pages.

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