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Backendless Pro is a scalable and feature-rich backend as a service (BaaS) platform for building mission-critical mobile and web applications.

#What is Backendless Pro?

Backendless Pro is a platform that enables developers to create and deploy backend services for their mobile and web applications quickly. With Backendless Pro, developers can create REST APIs, handle user authentication and authorization, perform data storage and retrieval, and perform server-side business logic.

#Backendless Pro Key Features

Here are some of the most recognizable features of Backendless Pro:

  • User authentication and authorization with OAuth2 and JWT
  • Real-time messaging and chat
  • Automatic data schema generation and data validation
  • Cloud Code for server-side business logic
  • Built-in integration with external services like Twilio, Stripe, and AWS
  • Advanced search and filter capabilities for data retrieval

#Backendless Pro Use-Cases

Some common use-cases for Backendless Pro include:

  • Mobile and web application development
  • Rapid prototyping and development of MVPs
  • IoT backends and integrations
  • Enterprise backends for internal applications
  • Integration with existing databases and services
  • Development of custom APIs and microservices

#Backendless Pro Summary

Backendless Pro is a robust platform that simplifies the development of backend services for mobile and web applications, offering features such as user authentication, real-time messaging, and cloud code. It is commonly used for mobile and web application development, IoT backends, and enterprise backends.

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