Deployd Backend

Deployd is an open source platform for building APIs quickly and easily.

#What is Deployd?

Deployd is an open-source Backend as a Service (BaaS) solution that enables developers to easily build custom APIs and data stores for their applications. The platform allows developers to create data-driven applications quickly without having to manage server infrastructure. Deployd is built using Node.js and provides an intuitive interface for creating and managing data.

#Deployd Key Features

Most recognizable Deployd features include:

  • Simple and lightweight API framework.
  • Customizable data model with MongoDB as the default database.
  • Built-in authentication and authorization system.
  • Ability to add custom logic using JavaScript functions.
  • Provides out-of-the-box email and SMS notifications.
  • Offers live-reloading to make development more efficient.

#Deployd Use-Cases

Some of the Deployd use-cases are:

  • Developing data-driven applications quickly.
  • Creating custom APIs for web and mobile applications.
  • Developing prototypes and MVPs (minimum viable products) quickly.
  • Creating backends for IoT applications.
  • Creating backends for games and gamification applications.
  • Creating custom dashboards and reporting systems.

#Deployd Summary

Deployd is a lightweight and customizable open-source BaaS solution that provides an intuitive interface for creating and managing data, making it ideal for developers looking to create data-driven applications quickly.

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