Horizon Backend

Horizon is an open-source developer platform for building realtime, scalable web apps. It provides a complete backend that makes it dramatically simpler and faster to build and run realtime applications.

#What is Horizon?

Horizon is a back-end as a service (BaaS) platform that provides a simple API for building real-time web and mobile applications. It is a product of the RethinkDB project and was designed to simplify the development process for real-time applications. With Horizon, developers can build complex applications using a simple JavaScript API and real-time data synchronization.

#Horizon Key Features

Most recognizable Horizon features include:

  • Real-time data synchronization: Horizon provides real-time data synchronization between clients and servers, allowing developers to build applications that respond immediately to changes in data.
  • JavaScript API: Horizon provides a simple JavaScript API that developers can use to access and manipulate data, making it easy to build complex real-time applications.
  • Automatic scaling: Horizon automatically scales to handle increasing traffic, ensuring that applications are always responsive and available.
  • Built-in security: Horizon includes built-in security features, such as user authentication and access control, to help protect data and ensure that applications are secure.
  • Customizable data models: Horizon allows developers to define custom data models that can be used to store and manipulate data in real time.
  • Integration with other technologies: Horizon can be easily integrated with other technologies, such as React and Angular, making it easy to build complex applications using familiar tools.
  • Some of the use cases for Horizon include:

#Horizon Use-Cases

Some of the Horizon use-cases are:

  • Real-time collaboration: Horizon is well-suited for building real-time collaboration applications, such as team chat and collaborative document editing.
  • Real-time analytics: Horizon’s real-time data synchronization makes it a good choice for building applications that require real-time analytics, such as dashboards and monitoring tools.
  • Multiplayer gaming: Horizon’s real-time data synchronization and automatic scaling make it a good choice for building real-time multiplayer games.

#Horizon Summary

Horizon is a back-end as a service platform that simplifies the development of real-time web and mobile applications. It offers a simple JavaScript API, real-time data synchronization, automatic scaling, built-in security, customizable data models, and integration with other technologies. Its use cases include real-time collaboration, real-time analytics, and multiplayer gaming.

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