Active Job Background Jobs

Active Job is a framework for declaring jobs and making them run on a variety of queuing backends. It provides a single, common interface for creating, enqueuing, and executing background jobs.

#What is Active Job?

Active Job is a framework in Ruby on Rails for creating and managing background jobs. It provides a simple and consistent interface to create jobs that can be processed asynchronously by a background queue system, such as Sidekiq, Resque, or Delayed Job.

#Active Job Key Features

Most recognizable Active Job features include:

  • Abstraction layer for multiple queueing backends
  • Automatic retries for failed jobs
  • Prioritization of jobs
  • Job progress tracking
  • Scheduled jobs support
  • Integration with Rails caching system

#Active Job Use-Cases

Some of the Active Job use-cases are:

  • Sending email notifications
  • Generating reports
  • Processing image uploads
  • Handling payment processing
  • Running periodic maintenance tasks
  • Performing long-running operations

#Active Job Summary

Active Job is a framework for creating and managing background jobs in Ruby on Rails. It provides a consistent interface to multiple queueing backends, automatic retries, prioritization, progress tracking, scheduled jobs support, and integration with Rails caching system. Active Job can be used for various tasks, such as sending email notifications, generating reports, and processing payments.

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