Que Background Jobs

Que is a high-performance alternative to DelayedJob or Sidekiq for Ruby, backed by PostgreSQL. Its features include reliability, transactional job locking, and a simple interface.

#What is Que?

Que is a background job processing library for Ruby applications that uses PostgreSQL as its storage engine. It enables developers to easily create and manage background jobs for time-consuming tasks, such as sending emails, generating reports, and processing large amounts of data.

#Que Key Features

Some of the most recognizable features of Que include:

  • Asynchronous job execution with flexible job scheduling options.
  • Automatic job retries in case of errors, with customizable retry intervals and limits.
  • Job prioritization to ensure high-priority tasks are processed first.
  • Ability to specify dependencies between jobs and control job execution order.
  • Detailed job status tracking and monitoring with built-in logging and error handling.
  • Integration with popular Ruby web frameworks and libraries, including Ruby on Rails and Sinatra.

#Que Use-Cases

Que can be used in a variety of use cases, including:

  • Sending bulk emails or notifications to users.
  • Generating reports or performing data analytics.
  • Processing large data sets, such as file uploads or data imports.
  • Performing background tasks for web applications, such as database backups or cache invalidation.
  • Handling recurring tasks, such as scheduled maintenance or batch processing.
  • Building event-driven architectures and integrating with other messaging systems.

#Que Summary

Que is a powerful and flexible background job processing library for Ruby applications that leverages the reliability and scalability of PostgreSQL as its storage engine.

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