TaskTiger Background Jobs

TaskTiger is a lightweight, robust task scheduler for Python.

#What is TaskTiger?

TaskTiger is an open-source task queue built on Python and Redis, designed to handle background job processing. TaskTiger allows developers to offload resource-intensive or time-consuming tasks to a background worker, allowing the main application to stay responsive to user requests. It provides a simple and reliable way to process tasks in the background, with support for scheduling, prioritization, and retrying failed tasks.

#TaskTiger Key Features

Here are the most recognizable features of TaskTiger:

  • Support for scheduling and prioritizing tasks
  • Retry failed tasks with configurable backoff intervals
  • Concurrency control to limit the number of running tasks
  • Configurable task timeouts to prevent long-running tasks from blocking the queue
  • Dashboard with metrics and monitoring information
  • Webhooks for notifying external systems of task status changes

#TaskTiger Use-Cases

Here are some of the use-cases for TaskTiger:

  • Processing large batch jobs, such as image or video processing
  • Sending bulk email or push notifications
  • Generating reports or data exports
  • Indexing or processing data in the background
  • Running periodic maintenance tasks, such as database backups or cache clearing
  • Offloading resource-intensive tasks from the main application to keep it responsive

#TaskTiger Summary

TaskTiger is a reliable and easy-to-use task queue designed to handle background job processing with support for scheduling, prioritization, retrying, and more.

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