Bulma Cascading Style Sheets

Bulma is a modern CSS framework based on Flexbox that provides a clean and customizable design. It offers a wide range of UI components, utilities, and responsive features.

#What iBulmas ?

Bulma CSS is a modern CSS framework that provides a set of customizable and responsive CSS classes to help developers create clean and modern-looking web designs quickly. Unlike other frameworks, Bulma does not rely on JavaScript, making it lightweight and fast to load.

#Bulma Key Features

Most-recognizable Bulma features include:

  • Bulma provides a flexible grid system that allows developers to create responsive layouts easily, with support for mobile-first design.
  • It also includes a wide range of customizable UI components, such as forms, buttons, cards, modals, and more, that can be easily modified to match the design of a web project.
  • Bulma’s typography features, including font sizes, font families, and line-heights, help to create a consistent and visually appealing design across all pages.
  • Bulma provides various utility classes that can be used to modify the appearance and behavior of components quickly and easily.
  • Bulma is modular and customizable, with the ability to easily override default styles and modify the framework to fit the needs of a particular project.
  • Bulma is open-source and actively maintained, with regular updates and bug fixes.
  • Bulma has a variety of use cases, including:

#Bulma Use-Cases

Some of the Bulma use-cases are:

  • Rapid prototyping of web projects, with pre-built components and a grid system that allows developers to create layouts quickly.
  • Creating clean and modern-looking designs, with a range of customizable UI components that can be easily modified to match a particular design aesthetic.
  • Building lightweight and fast-loading websites, as Bulma does not rely on JavaScript and can be optimized for speed.

#Bulma Summary

Bulma CSS is a modern CSS framework that provides a flexible grid system, customizable UI components, typography features, utility classes, modularity, and regular updates, with use cases for rapid prototyping, creating clean designs, and building lightweight websites.

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