ActiveModelSerializers Data Serialization

ActiveModelSerializers brings convention over configuration to your JSON generation.

#What is Active Model Serializers?

Active Model Serializers is a data serialization library that is designed to help developers build JSON APIs in Rails applications. It is built on top of Rails’ Active Model framework and provides a simple way to define how data should be serialized and deserialized.

#Active Model Serializers Key Features

Here are some of the most recognizable features of Active Model Serializers:

  • Easy configuration: It provides an easy-to-use configuration API that allows developers to control how their data is serialized.
  • Customizable serializers: Developers can create their own custom serializers to handle more complex data structures.
  • Built-in caching: It supports caching of serialized data to improve API performance.
  • Meta and links: Active Model Serializers supports adding meta information and links to serialized data to provide more context for API consumers.
  • Support for associations: It supports including associated objects in serialized data.
  • Support for different data formats: It supports serialization of data in JSON and XML formats.

#Active Model Serializers Use-Cases

Here are some common use-cases for Active Model Serializers:

  • Building JSON APIs: Active Model Serializers makes it easy to build JSON APIs in Rails applications.
  • Customizing data serialization: Developers can customize how data is serialized to fit the needs of their API consumers.
  • Caching serialized data: By caching serialized data, developers can improve API performance and reduce database load.

#Active Model Serializers Summary

Active Model Serializers is a powerful data serialization library for building JSON APIs in Rails applications. It provides an easy-to-use configuration API, supports custom serializers and caching of serialized data, and is ideal for customizing data serialization to fit the needs of different API consumers.

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