Fast JSON API Data Serialization

Fast JSON API serializer for Ruby Objects. Serialize your Ruby objects to JSON at blazing speeds!

#What is Fast JSON API?

Fast JSON API is a Ruby gem that provides fast serialization of Ruby objects into JSON API format. The gem’s main focus is to provide efficient serialization of large datasets while adhering to the JSON API specification. The gem utilizes the Oj library for JSON parsing and rendering, which is known for its high performance and low memory usage.

#Fast JSON API Key Features

Some of the key features of Fast JSON API include:

  • Easy integration with Rails applications using a serializer generator
  • Efficient serialization of large datasets due to low memory usage and high performance
  • Support for sparse fieldsets, sorting, filtering, and pagination
  • Automatic detection of record associations and inclusion in the serialized output
  • Configurable caching options to improve performance

#Fast JSON API Use-Cases

Some common use cases for Fast JSON API include:

  • Building APIs for Rails applications that need to serve large datasets efficiently
  • Implementing efficient caching strategies for frequently accessed API resources
  • Providing JSON API support for non-Rails Ruby applications

#Fast JSON API Summary

Fast JSON API is a Ruby gem that provides efficient serialization of Ruby objects into JSON API format, with support for key JSON API features and configurable caching options.

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