Hibari Database

Hibari is a distributed, ordered key-value store written in Erlang.

#What is Hibari?

Hibari Database is an open-source distributed key-value database that was developed by Gemini Mobile Technologies. The database was designed to be highly available, fault-tolerant, and horizontally scalable, making it suitable for use cases where high-performance, real-time data access is crucial.

#Hibari Key Features

Here are some of the most recognizable features of Hibari Database:

  • Support for horizontal scaling and high availability
  • ACID-compliant transactions for data consistency
  • Built-in support for replication and sharding for data distribution
  • Flexible data model with support for secondary indexes and range queries
  • Simple RESTful API for easy integration with web applications
  • Automatic data partitioning for load balancing and improved performance

#Hibari Use-Cases

Some of the common use cases of Hibari Database are:

  • Real-time analytics and monitoring
  • High-traffic web applications and e-commerce sites
  • Distributed messaging and queueing systems
  • Online gaming and gambling platforms
  • Financial and trading systems that require low-latency data access
  • Large-scale IoT and sensor data processing

#Hibari Summary

Hibari Database is an open-source distributed key-value database that is designed for high availability, fault tolerance, and horizontal scalability. It provides ACID-compliant transactions, replication, sharding, and a flexible data model with secondary indexes and range queries. It is commonly used for real-time analytics, high-traffic web applications, messaging systems, and IoT data processing.

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