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HPCC Systems (High-Performance Computing Cluster) is an open-source big data computing platform developed by LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

#What is HPCC?

HPCC (High-Performance Computing Cluster) is an open-source data-intensive computing system used for big data processing. It is designed to handle the heavy workloads of big data, analytics, and business intelligence applications. HPCC provides a high-level abstraction to manage the complexities of distributed computing, data processing, and data storage.

#HPCC Key Features

Here are the six most recognizable features of HPCC:

  • Distributed architecture: HPCC’s distributed architecture allows it to scale horizontally by adding new nodes to the cluster as data and processing needs grow.
  • Data transformation: HPCC provides a powerful data transformation tool, called ECL (Enterprise Control Language), which allows users to define data structures and transformations on a large scale.
  • Data management: HPCC manages data through its Distributed File System (DFS), which is optimized for big data processing.
  • Real-time data processing: HPCC has built-in support for real-time data processing, which allows it to process data as it is generated.
  • Analytics: HPCC supports advanced analytics, including machine learning and predictive modeling, to extract insights from large data sets.
  • Data integration: HPCC provides integration with various data sources, including Hadoop, to allow users to access data from multiple sources.

#HPCC Use-Cases

Here are the six most common use-cases for HPCC:

  • Big data processing: HPCC is ideal for processing large volumes of data in parallel and at scale.
  • Business intelligence: HPCC can be used to extract insights and support decision-making in businesses.
  • Fraud detection: HPCC can be used to detect fraud in real-time by analyzing data streams.
  • Scientific research: HPCC can be used in scientific research to process large data sets, such as genomic data.
  • Internet of Things: HPCC can be used to process data generated by IoT devices in real-time.
  • Government: HPCC can be used in government applications, such as tracking and analyzing population health data.

#HPCC Summary

HPCC is an open-source, data-intensive computing system that provides distributed architecture, data transformation, data management, real-time data processing, analytics, and data integration. It is commonly used for big data processing, business intelligence, fraud detection, scientific research, IoT, and government applications.

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