Maxtable Database

Maxtable is a C++ library for a persistent key-value store. It provides fast, predictable, and durable performance.

  • Since:2019

#What is Maxtable?

Maxtable is a distributed, highly scalable, and ACID compliant relational database system. It was designed to provide low-latency and high-throughput data access for modern, data-intensive applications. Maxtable was created to address the needs of large-scale and fast-growing companies that require a database capable of handling massive amounts of data without sacrificing performance.

#Maxtable Key Features

Here are some of the most recognizable features of Maxtable:

  • Distributed architecture: Maxtable is designed to run across multiple servers, which allows for horizontal scaling and increased fault tolerance.
  • ACID compliant: Maxtable guarantees transactional consistency, even when multiple transactions are executing concurrently.
  • SQL support: Maxtable supports the SQL language, which makes it easy to integrate with existing applications and tools.
  • High availability: Maxtable provides automatic failover and replication to ensure that data is always available.
  • Automatic partitioning: Maxtable automatically partitions data across multiple servers, which allows for easy scaling and improved performance.
  • Real-time analytics: Maxtable provides real-time analytics capabilities, which enables users to extract insights from their data in real-time.

#Maxtable Use-Cases

Here are some of the use cases of Maxtable:

  • E-commerce: Maxtable can be used to power high-traffic e-commerce sites, ensuring that data is always available and transactions are processed quickly.
  • Financial services: Maxtable is a good fit for financial services companies that require real-time data access and transactional consistency.
  • Gaming: Maxtable can be used to power online gaming platforms, which require low-latency data access and high scalability.

#Maxtable Summary

Maxtable is a highly scalable and ACID compliant relational database system that provides low-latency data access and real-time analytics capabilities. It is designed to handle massive amounts of data and is well-suited for data-intensive applications.

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