NCache Database

NCache is a 100% .NET / .NET Core Open Source in-memory distributed cache for .NET applications.

#What is NCache?

NCache is an in-memory distributed cache designed for .NET applications to enhance their performance, scalability, and availability. It is a high-performance caching solution that helps developers scale their applications by removing data access bottlenecks and reducing database loads.

#NCache Key Features

Some of the most recognizable features of NCache Database are:

  • In-memory caching: NCache stores frequently used data in memory, making it faster to retrieve, thereby improving application performance.
  • Distributed caching: NCache distributes cached data across multiple servers to improve scalability and availability.
  • SQL Query Support: NCache allows you to run SQL queries against cached data, making it easier to retrieve data as needed.
  • ASP.NET Session State Caching: NCache provides an out-of-the-box solution for caching ASP.NET session state, reducing database calls and improving application performance.
  • Data Partitioning: NCache allows you to partition your data across multiple nodes, reducing network traffic and improving performance.
  • Hot Caching: NCache ensures that the latest data is always available in the cache, even if the data has been modified in the database.

#NCache Use-Cases

Some of the most common use-cases of NCache Database are:

  • Caching frequently accessed data in memory to improve application performance.
  • Scaling out web applications by offloading database loads to the cache.
  • Caching ASP.NET session state to improve application performance.
  • Providing a distributed cache for microservices.
  • Enhancing the performance of eCommerce applications.
  • Storing frequently used data for mobile applications.

#NCache Summary

NCache is an in-memory distributed cache that is designed to enhance the performance, scalability, and availability of .NET applications, providing a range of caching solutions and tools to help developers achieve these goals.

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