NeDB Database

NeDB is an embedded database for Node.js, written in JavaScript and inspired by MongoDB. It aims to provide a simple, yet powerful way to store and manipulate data.

#What is NeDB?

NeDB is a lightweight, open-source, NoSQL database that can be used for Node.js applications. It is written entirely in JavaScript and is compatible with Node.js’s API for its database systems. NeDB supports the usual CRUD operations and indexing, but it is not meant for use with large amounts of data or complex queries.

#NeDB Key Features

Here are six recognizable features of NeDB:

  • Simple and lightweight NoSQL database system
  • Supports basic querying and CRUD operations
  • Can store data as a file or in-memory
  • Compatible with Node.js’s API for database systems
  • Has a user-friendly syntax and easy-to-learn query language
  • Designed for small to medium-sized data sets

#NeDB Use-Cases

Here are six use-cases of NeDB:

  • Prototyping and testing small-scale Node.js applications
  • Caching data on the client side
  • Storing user preferences and settings for an application
  • Building simple, single-page web applications
  • Logging data for small applications or development environments
  • Anywhere where a small, lightweight database solution is needed

#NeDB Summary

NeDB is a lightweight, open-source NoSQL database system that is written entirely in JavaScript and designed for small to medium-sized data sets. It is a popular choice for prototyping and testing small-scale Node.js applications and building simple web applications.

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