NuoDB Database

NuoDB is a distributed SQL database designed for hybrid cloud applications. It delivers on-demand scale-out and continuous availability.

#What is NuoDB?

NuoDB is an elastic, SQL-based distributed database management system (DBMS) that offers high scalability, reliability, and availability. It is designed to provide the benefits of traditional databases while also enabling cloud computing features such as elasticity, on-demand scaling, and high-availability.

#NuoDB Key Features

Here are six of NuoDB’s most recognizable features:

  • Elastically scalable architecture that allows for linear scaling without sharding
  • ACID-compliant transactions
  • Active-active replication for high availability and disaster recovery
  • Distributed database that enables application deployment in any geographic location
  • Multi-tenancy support for easier database consolidation
  • SQL-based language support that enables ease of use for developers

#NuoDB Use-Cases

Some use cases for NuoDB include:

  • Cloud-native applications that require high availability, scalability, and elasticity
  • SaaS providers that require a database system that can serve multiple tenants
  • Global organizations that require data localization capabilities
  • Financial institutions that require ACID-compliant transactions
  • Enterprises that require an affordable and scalable database solution
  • Applications that require a SQL-based database with distributed features

#NuoDB Summary

NuoDB is a SQL-based distributed database management system that offers an elastically scalable architecture, ACID-compliant transactions, and multi-tenancy support. It is suitable for cloud-native applications, SaaS providers, global organizations, financial institutions, and enterprises that require a high-performance and scalable database system.

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