Tarantool/Box Database

Tarantool is a NoSQL database that runs inside an application server. It can also be used as an application server.

#What is Tarantool/Box?

Tarantool/Box is an open-source NoSQL database that can be used as a key-value store or a Lua application server. It was designed for high-performance OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) workloads and provides a combination of in-memory and on-disk storage to optimize read and write performance. Tarantool/Box has a modular architecture that allows users to extend it with custom Lua scripts or C modules.

#Tarantool/Box Key Features

Here are some of the most recognizable features of Tarantool/Box:

  • In-memory and on-disk storage engines for optimized performance
  • Lua scripting language support for custom business logic and stored procedures
  • Automatic sharding and replication for high availability and scalability
  • ACID transactions for data consistency and integrity
  • Secondary indexes for efficient data retrieval
  • Built-in network protocols for easy integration with other systems

#Tarantool/Box Use-Cases

Here are some common use cases for Tarantool/Box:

  • High-performance OLTP workloads, such as e-commerce or financial applications
  • Real-time analytics and data processing
  • Distributed systems with high availability and scalability requirements
  • Microservices architecture, where Tarantool/Box can serve as a central data store or as a service itself

#Tarantool/Box Summary

Tarantool/Box is an open-source NoSQL database that offers high-performance OLTP processing, Lua scripting support, automatic sharding and replication, ACID transactions, and easy integration with other systems. It can be used for a variety of use cases, including e-commerce, financial applications, real-time analytics, and microservices architecture.

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