Tyrant Database

Tyrant is a simple key value store that is built on top of Tokyo Tyrant.

  • Since:2010

#What is Tyrant?

Tyrant Database is a lightweight, open-source, key-value database created by Mikio Hirabayashi. It is based on Tokyo Cabinet and uses the same API but with an additional network server. Tyrant Database is often used in conjunction with Tokyo Cabinet, which provides on-disk storage, while Tyrant Database provides network access to the data.

#Tyrant Key Features

Some of the most recognizable features of Tyrant Database include:

  • Its simplicity,
  • Flexibility,
  • Speed,
  • Easy to use, configure, and deploy,
  • Supports several programming languages
  • Runs on various operating systems.

#Tyrant Use-Cases

Here are some use cases for Tyrant Database:

  • Caching: Tyrant Database can be used as a caching solution, providing fast access to frequently requested data.
  • Web applications: Tyrant Database can store session data, user preferences, and other web-related information.
  • Embedded systems: Tyrant Database’s small footprint and low resource consumption make it a suitable option for embedded systems.

#Tyrant Summary

Tyrant Database is a lightweight, open-source key-value database that offers simplicity, flexibility, and speed, and can be used for caching, web applications, and embedded systems.

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