Engine Yard Deployment

Engine Yard is a Ruby on Rails deployment platform for Amazon Web Services (AWS). It automates the configuration, deployment, and maintenance of applications in the AWS Cloud.

#What is Engine Yard?

Engine Yard is a cloud-based deployment platform that aims to make it easier to build, deploy, and manage web applications. It provides an all-in-one solution for developers, allowing them to focus on coding and leave the deployment and infrastructure management to the platform. Engine Yard is designed to work with a variety of programming languages, including Ruby on Rails, PHP, Node.js, and Python.

#Engine Yard Key Features

Most-recognizable Engine Yard features include:

  • Automated deployment and scaling: Engine Yard can automatically deploy and scale applications as needed, based on traffic and resource requirements.
  • High availability: Engine Yard provides a highly available infrastructure to ensure that applications remain available and responsive even in the event of hardware or software failures.
  • Flexible infrastructure: Engine Yard allows developers to choose the infrastructure that best suits their needs, including AWS, Google Cloud, and DigitalOcean.
  • Integrated monitoring: Engine Yard provides monitoring and alerting tools to help developers keep track of their applications’ health and performance.
  • Collaboration tools: Engine Yard provides collaboration tools to help teams work together more efficiently, including chat, code reviews, and more.
  • Expert support: Engine Yard provides 24/7 expert support to help developers resolve issues and optimize their applications.

#Engine Yard Use-Cases

Some of the Engine Yard use-cases are:

  • Building and deploying Ruby on Rails applications
  • Deploying and managing PHP-based content management systems, such as WordPress or Drupal
  • Building and deploying Node.js applications
  • Deploying and managing Python-based web applications
  • Scaling applications to handle large traffic spikes or unpredictable traffic patterns
  • Deploying applications across multiple cloud providers or regions for improved redundancy and performance.

#Engine Yard Summary

Engine Yard is a cloud-based deployment platform that provides automated deployment, high availability, flexible infrastructure, monitoring tools, collaboration tools, and expert support. It is designed to work with a variety of programming languages and can be used for a wide range of use-cases, from building and deploying Ruby on Rails applications to scaling applications to handle unpredictable traffic patterns.

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