Coveralls Developer Experience

Coveralls is a web service to help you track your code coverage over time, and ensure that all your new code is fully covered.

#What is Coveralls?

Coveralls is a web-based code coverage tool that tracks how much of your code is covered by automated tests. It integrates with popular CI/CD tools and can be used with multiple programming languages, making it a versatile option for developers looking to measure code quality.

#Coveralls Key Features

Most recognizable Coveralls features include:

  • Detailed coverage reports: Coveralls provides easy-to-read reports that show the percentage of code that is covered by tests, as well as which lines of code are covered and which are not.
  • Integration with CI/CD tools: Coveralls integrates with popular CI/CD tools such as GitHub Actions, Travis CI, CircleCI, and more, making it easy to incorporate into your existing development workflow.
  • Support for multiple programming languages: Coveralls supports a wide range of programming languages, including Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and many others.

#Coveralls Use-Cases

Some of the Coveralls use-cases are:

  • Measuring code quality: By tracking code coverage, Coveralls can help developers identify areas of their code that need more testing and improve overall code quality.
  • Monitoring test coverage over time: Coveralls’ reports show coverage trends over time, making it easy to see how code coverage changes as new features are added or bugs are fixed.
  • Collaborating on code quality: Coveralls’ reports can be shared with team members, making it easy to collaborate on improving code quality across a team.

#Coveralls Summary

Coveralls is a versatile code quality tool that provides detailed coverage reports, integrates with popular CI/CD tools, and supports multiple programming languages. It can help developers measure code quality, monitor coverage over time, and collaborate on improving code quality across a team.

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