Fortify Developer Experience

Fortify is a static code analysis tool that provides security insights and remediation guidance during the development process.

#What is Fortify?

Fortify is a code quality tool developed by Micro Focus that provides a suite of security features designed to help developers identify and remediate security vulnerabilities in their code. The tool is capable of scanning a wide range of programming languages and can be integrated with various development environments, including popular IDEs and build tools.

#Fortify Key Features

Most recognizable Fortify features include:

  • Static code analysis: Fortify uses static analysis to identify potential security vulnerabilities in code before it is executed.
  • Real-time feedback: Developers receive real-time feedback on potential security risks, allowing them to quickly address any issues.
  • Security dashboard: The tool provides a dashboard that displays a summary of the security posture of an application, including metrics on risk severity and remediation progress.
  • Customizable rules: Fortify allows developers to customize rules for specific projects or programming languages.
  • Integration with build tools: The tool can be integrated with various build tools, including Ant, Maven, and Jenkins.
  • Cloud support: Fortify can be run on-premises or in the cloud, providing developers with the flexibility to choose the deployment model that best suits their needs.

#Fortify Use-Cases

Some of the Fortify use-cases are:

  • Security vulnerability management: Fortify can help organizations manage security vulnerabilities across their application portfolio.
  • Compliance: The tool provides reports that can help organizations demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Secure coding standards: Fortify can be used to enforce secure coding standards across an organization’s development teams.

#Fortify Summary

Fortify is a code quality tool that provides a suite of security features, including static code analysis, real-time feedback, and customizable rules. The tool can be integrated with various development environments and can be used to manage security vulnerabilities, demonstrate compliance, and enforce secure coding standards.

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