JaCoCo Developer Experience

JaCoCo is a Java Code Coverage Library. The Java agent is able to collect coverage information for almost any type of Java application.

#What is JaCoCo?

JaCoCo is a free and open-source code coverage library for the Java programming language that provides a comprehensive test coverage report of the code. It is widely used in the industry to measure how much of the code is executed during the testing process. JaCoCo provides a complete code coverage solution, including line, branch, and instruction-level coverage metrics.

#JaCoCo Key Features

Most recognizable JaCoCo features include:

  • Easy integration with popular build tools like Ant, Gradle, and Maven.
  • Detailed coverage report generation in various formats like HTML, XML, and CSV.
  • Fine-grained filtering of the report based on class, package, or source file.
  • Integration with SonarQube and Jenkins for continuous integration and analysis.
  • Support for multi-module projects and parallel test execution.
  • Compatible with all major Java virtual machines.

#JaCoCo Use-Cases

Some of the JaCoCo use-cases are:

  • Ensuring code quality by measuring the test coverage of the code.
  • Identifying untested or poorly tested code areas to improve the testing process.
  • Measuring the impact of changes on the code coverage of a project.
  • Analyzing code coverage trends over time to monitor the quality of the testing process.
  • Identifying potential code hotspots and performance bottlenecks.
  • Evaluating the quality of third-party libraries or frameworks.

#JaCoCo Summary

JaCoCo is a popular code coverage tool for Java projects that provides detailed reports and can be easily integrated with popular build and analysis tools.

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