Hiccup File Templating

Hiccup is a fast and lightweight HTML templating library for Clojure.

#What is Hiccup?

Hiccup is a Clojure-based HTML generation library that allows developers to construct HTML documents as Clojure data structures. This library is a concise and elegant approach to web development that leverages the full power of Clojure’s data manipulation capabilities.

#Hiccup Key Features

Here are six notable features of Hiccup:

  • It provides a concise syntax for generating HTML content using Clojure data structures.
  • Hiccup provides a set of built-in functions for common HTML elements such as div, p, a, etc.
  • Hiccup supports HTML5 and can handle custom elements and attributes.
  • It is easy to integrate Hiccup with other Clojure web development frameworks such as Compojure and Ring.
  • Hiccup allows for dynamic HTML generation by accepting Clojure data structures as input, which can be generated on the fly.
  • Hiccup also supports a variety of templating systems, including Mustache, Handlebars, and Enlive.

#Hiccup Use-Cases

Here are six common use cases for Hiccup:

  • Creating dynamic web pages or web applications in Clojure.
  • Building HTML email templates.
  • Generating HTML content for reports or data visualizations.
  • Rendering HTML content for use in PDF or other document formats.
  • Creating static HTML files for a website or blog.
  • Converting HTML content between different formats or platforms.

#Hiccup Summary

Hiccup is a Clojure-based HTML generation library that provides a simple and elegant approach to web development, enabling developers to generate HTML content using Clojure data structures, integrate with other web development frameworks, and support dynamic HTML generation.

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