Pebble File Templating

Pebble is a Java templating engine inspired by Twig.

#What is Pebble?

Pebble is a Java-based template engine that allows developers to dynamically generate HTML, XML, and other markup languages from templates. It was designed to be highly extensible and efficient, with a focus on ease of use and flexibility.

#Pebble Key Features

Here are some of Pebble’s most notable features:

  • Robust caching and compilation options for faster template rendering.
  • Support for template inheritance and macro creation for cleaner, more modular code.
  • Extensive documentation and active development community for ongoing support and improvement.
  • Optional strict mode for catching common coding errors at compile-time.
  • Pluggable and customizable syntax for added flexibility.
  • Advanced debugging features, including syntax highlighting and error reporting.

#Pebble Use-Cases

Pebble has a wide range of potential use cases, including:

  • Generating dynamic web content on server-side applications.
  • Creating reusable email templates for marketing or transactional emails.
  • Generating XML or JSON responses for RESTful APIs.
  • Building static websites or blogs using frameworks like Jekyll or Hugo.
  • Creating customizable PDF or document templates for business or legal documents.
  • Generating HTML or XML reports for data visualization or analysis.

#Pebble Summary

Pebble is a highly extensible and efficient Java-based template engine that offers a variety of advanced features and potential use cases.

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