Scalate File Templating

Scalate is a Scala-based template engine that supports HAML, Mustache, and SSP (Scala Server Pages).

#What is Scalate?

Scalate is an open-source templating engine for the Scala programming language that allows developers to write dynamic templates and generate dynamic content for web applications. Scalate uses a template syntax that is concise and easy to learn, and it supports a variety of template formats, including HTML, XML, and CSS. The engine provides features such as caching, precompilation, and support for both server-side and client-side rendering.

#Scalate Key Features

Here are some of the most recognizable features of Scalate:

  • Support for various template formats like HTML, XML, CSS, and more.
  • Caching and precompilation of templates for better performance.
  • Dynamic content generation through easy-to-learn template syntax.
  • Support for server-side and client-side rendering.
  • Integration with popular web frameworks like Play, Lift, and Akka HTTP.
  • Customizable template processing pipeline for advanced use cases.

#Scalate Use-Cases

Scalate can be used for a variety of use cases, including:

  • Generating dynamic web pages and emails.
  • Creating reusable templates for web applications.
  • Separating presentation logic from business logic in web development.
  • Integrating with web frameworks to enhance their template capabilities.
  • Templating for web services.

#Scalate Summary

Scalate is a powerful and flexible templating engine for Scala that provides features such as caching, precompilation, and support for multiple template formats. It can be used for various use cases, including dynamic web page generation, reusable templates, and separating presentation logic from business logic.

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