Redux-Form Forms

A Higher Order Component using react-redux to keep form state in a Redux store.

#What is Redux-Form?

Redux-Form is a popular library for managing form state in Redux applications. It provides a simple API to handle form submission, validation, and error handling, making it easier to build complex forms in React applications.

#Redux-Form Key Features

Most recognizable Redux-Form features include:

  • Declarative API for defining form fields and validation rules
  • Built-in support for async form submissions and submission status handling
  • Integration with Redux DevTools for easy debugging of form state changes
  • Support for field arrays to handle dynamic forms with repeating sections
  • Easily extensible with custom field components and plugins
  • Integration with popular UI libraries such as Material-UI and Bootstrap

#Redux-Form Use-Cases

Some of the Redux-Form use-cases are:

  • Building complex forms with conditional logic and dynamic fields
  • Handling form submissions that require async validation or server-side processing
  • Integrating form state with other parts of the Redux store, such as user authentication or shopping cart data
  • Building reusable form components that can be easily shared across multiple applications

#Redux-Form Summary

Redux-Form is a powerful library for managing form state in Redux applications, providing a simple API and a range of features to make building complex forms easier and more manageable.

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