Microbundle Javascript

Zero-configuration bundler for tiny modules.

#What is Microbundle?

Microbundle is a zero-config tool that helps developers bundle modern JS libraries into multiple formats. It makes it easy to create tiny, optimized bundles that can be used directly in the browser or consumed as an npm package. It does not require any configuration, as it auto-detects your project configuration, which makes it ideal for small to medium-sized libraries.

#Microbundle Key Features

Most recognizable Microbundle features include:

  • It is a zero-configuration tool, so you don’t have to spend time configuring your build.
  • It supports multiple formats, including ES Modules, CommonJS, and UMD, among others.
  • It provides tree-shaking out of the box to eliminate unused code and optimize bundle size.
  • It has built-in support for TypeScript, which simplifies the process of adding type checking to your library.
  • It provides easy integration with other tools like Rollup and Jest.
  • It has a fast and reliable build process, which makes it ideal for building small to medium-sized libraries.

#Microbundle Use-Cases

Some of the Microbundle use-cases are:

  • Building small to medium-sized libraries that need to be bundled for the browser and npm.
  • Creating optimized bundles that eliminate unused code and reduce file size.
  • Developing libraries using modern JS features like ES Modules and TypeScript.
  • Simplifying the build process by eliminating the need for complex configurations.

#Microbundle Summary

Microbundle is a zero-configuration build tool that simplifies the process of creating optimized bundles for small to medium-sized libraries. It supports multiple formats, provides tree-shaking, has built-in TypeScript support, and is easy to integrate with other tools like Rollup and Jest.

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