Minipack Javascript

A simple and fast module bundler that can handle modern syntax (ES6+) for small to medium projects.

#What is Minipack?

Minipack is a simplified build tool used for bundling JavaScript modules for the web. Unlike other build tools, Minipack doesn’t come with any plugins or features that may bloat the tool. Minipack aims to keep its codebase minimal and straightforward to enable users to understand how bundlers work.

#Minipack Key Features

Most recognizable Minipack features include:

  • Supports bundling of JavaScript modules in the browser.
  • Requires no configuration or plugins to use.
  • Only includes necessary features to keep the tool lightweight.
  • Uses ES6 import and export syntax to define module boundaries.
  • Builds the dependency graph to bundle modules in the correct order.
  • Outputs a single bundled file that can be included in HTML.

#Minipack Use-Cases

Some of the Minipack use-cases are:

  • Building small to medium-sized applications that don’t require complex build configurations.
  • Learning how build tools work by examining Minipack’s source code, which is well-documented and minimal.
  • Building experimental projects that require rapid prototyping and testing.

#Minipack Summary

Minipack is a simple and lightweight build tool that is perfect for small to medium-sized projects that don’t require complex configurations. Minipack aims to be minimal and straightforward, making it an excellent tool for learning how bundlers work.

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