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StealJS is a collection of small, focused tools for building JavaScript applications. It helps you organize your code and build your apps with a variety of tools.

#What is StealJS?

StealJS is a modern and modular JavaScript and TypeScript build tool and package manager that helps developers create and organize their web applications. It provides developers with an easy and efficient way to manage their project’s dependencies and modules, allowing them to focus on writing code and not on the build process.

#StealJS Key Features

Most recognizable StealJS features include:

  • Ability to load modules from any package manager and source, including npm, bower, and GitHub.
  • Support for dynamic loading, which means that only the modules that are needed by the application will be loaded.
  • Built-in development server with live reloading that automatically updates the browser when changes are made.
  • Support for code splitting, which allows developers to split their code into smaller chunks that can be loaded on demand, resulting in faster page load times.
  • Integrated TypeScript support for type checking and compiling TypeScript code.
  • Support for building optimized production bundles with tree shaking and minification.

#StealJS Use-Cases

Some of the StealJS use-cases are:

  • Building web applications with a modern front-end framework, such as React or Vue.js.
  • Creating modular libraries and plugins that can be shared across multiple applications.
  • Developing serverless functions and microservices that can be easily deployed to the cloud.
  • Building progressive web applications (PWAs) that can work offline and provide a native-like experience on mobile devices.
  • Creating single-page applications (SPAs) that provide a seamless user experience without page reloads.
  • Developing games and interactive web experiences that require efficient loading and rendering of assets.

#StealJS Summary

StealJS is a modern build tool and package manager for JavaScript and TypeScript that provides developers with an easy and efficient way to manage their project’s dependencies, load modules, and build optimized production bundles. It is ideal for building web applications with a modern front-end framework, creating modular libraries and plugins, and developing serverless functions and microservices.

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