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Browse the tools available to address the Email Testing concept in your next programming project.

  • Debug Mail

    Debug Mail is part of MailHog, a tool for capturing and testing email messages. Debug Mail provides a way to easily debug SMTP email messages sent to MailHog.
  • Dumbster

    Dumbster is a simple fake SMTP server designed to test applications that send email messages.
  • Email Copilot

    Email Copilot is a tool that enables email marketers and developers to preview and test their emails across multiple email clients and devices.
  • Email on Acid

    Email on Acid is an email testing and email marketing platform that helps you ensure your emails look great and reach the inbox.
  • EmailOnDeck is a free and simple service that allows you to get a temporary email address to use for various purposes. These email addresses are free and disposable.
  • GreenMail

    GreenMail is an open source, intuitive and easy-to-use test suite of email servers for testing purposes.
  • Guerrilla Mail

    Guerrilla Mail provides temporary, disposable, self-destructible email addresses for free to help protect your privacy and reduce spam.
  • Inbox Inspector

    Inbox Inspector is a comprehensive tool for email rendering testing and analysis. Get insights into how your email campaigns look across multiple email clients, devices and screen sizes.
  • LetterOpener

    LetterOpener is a Ruby gem that helps developers preview email templates in a local web browser instead of sending them out to actual email addresses.
  • Litmus

    Litmus is a cloud-native Chaos Engineering platform that helps teams discover weaknesses in their applications and infrastructure before they break.
  • MailCatcher

    MailCatcher runs a super simple SMTP server which catches any message sent to it to display in a web interface.
  • Mail Dev

    Mail Dev is a simple way to test your email layouts without actually sending any emails.
  • MailHog

    MailHog is an email testing tool for developers that provides a test mail server and web interface for viewing and debugging emails.
  • Mail Ninja

    Mail Ninja is an email testing service for developers. It allows you to test and preview your email campaigns before sending them to your customers.
  • Mailosaur

    Mailosaur is an email testing and email delivery service that lets you automate email tests and capture every email for debugging purposes.
  • Mailslurp

    Mailslurp is an API for sending and receiving emails from dynamically allocated email addresses in your tests and applications. Create email addresses on-demand, receive emails and attachments, and send email and attachments from your tests and applications.
  • Mailtrap

    Mailtrap is an email testing and debugging tool that allows you to preview and debug emails before sending them to real recipients.
  • MockSMTP

    MockSMTP is a simple SMTP server that can be used for testing email during development.
  • MockSMTP.NET

    smtp4dev is a dummy SMTP server that can be used for testing and development of email applications.
  • Papercut

    Papercut is a simplified SMTP server designed to only receive messages (not to send them) with a web interface for viewing and sorting them.
  • PaperCut SMTP

    PaperCut SMTP is a simple desktop program that allows you to test your email notifications in a simulated environment, providing a secure and isolated way to ensure your message content, format, and styling is correct before you send them to your customers or users.
  • Preview My Email

    Preview My Email is an email testing tool that helps marketers, designers, and developers preview how their email campaigns look in different email clients.
  • SMTP Bucket

    SMTP Bucket is a fake SMTP server that accepts email messages and displays them in a web interface.
  • Test Mail.App

    Test Mail.App is a built-in email debugging tool for Mac developers to test emails from their applications.

#What is Email Testing?

In software development, Email Testing refers to the process of testing email functionality within a web application or software system. This involves creating and sending test emails to ensure that all email-related features are working as intended. It also involves verifying that emails are being delivered correctly and in a timely manner.

#Email Testing usage benefits

Here are some benefits of Email Testing:

  • Ensuring the email functionality of a web application or software system is working correctly.
  • Catching and fixing email-related bugs and issues before they impact end-users.
  • Verifying that emails are being delivered correctly and not ending up in spam folders or being blocked.
  • Testing the email templates and formatting to ensure that they are displaying correctly and professionally.
  • Improving the overall user experience by ensuring that all email-related features are working smoothly.
  • Helping to build trust with users by ensuring that all email communications are reliable and consistent.

#Email Testing comparison criteria

Here are some comparison criteria for Email Testing tools in software development:

  • Supported email protocols
  • Support for email providers and clients
  • Features for email testing such as sending, receiving, and parsing emails
  • Customization options for email content and headers
  • Integration with other testing tools and frameworks
  • Reporting and logging capabilities
  • Compatibility with different programming languages and platforms
  • User interface and ease of use
  • Security and privacy features, such as encryption and secure connections
  • Cost and licensing options

#Email Testing Summary

Email Testing is an essential part of software development that ensures the email functionality of a web application or software system is working correctly, email-related bugs and issues are caught and fixed before impacting end-users, and all email-related features work smoothly to improve the overall user experience.

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