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Guerrilla Mail provides temporary, disposable, self-destructible email addresses for free to help protect your privacy and reduce spam.

    #What is Guerilla Mail?

    Guerrilla Mail is a temporary email service that allows users to receive and send emails without having to register an account. It was created as a solution to the problem of spam and unwanted emails that plague our inboxes. It allows users to create a disposable email address that can be used to register for services or sign up for newsletters without worrying about receiving unwanted emails.

    #Guerilla Mail Key Features

    Most-recognizable Guerilla Mail features include:

    • Disposable email addresses that expire after one hour
    • Simple and easy-to-use interface
    • No need to register an account
    • Multiple domains to choose from
    • Ability to reply to emails received
    • Attachments up to 150 MB in size

    #Guerilla Mail Use-Cases

    Some of the Guerilla Mail use-cases are:

    • Creating temporary email addresses for online registration
    • Protecting your privacy when communicating with strangers
    • Avoiding spam and unwanted emails
    • Verifying email addresses for online accounts
    • Keeping your primary email address secure

    #Guerilla Mail Summary

    Guerrilla Mail is a free temporary email service that allows users to create disposable email addresses to protect their privacy and avoid spam.

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