MockSMTP Mail Testing

MockSMTP is a simple SMTP server that can be used for testing email during development.

#What is MockSMTP?

MockSMTP is an open-source email testing tool that allows developers to test email functionality without sending actual emails. It works by intercepting the outgoing email messages and storing them locally for viewing and analysis. It is a Java-based tool and can be easily integrated into Java-based applications.

#MockSMTP Key Features

Most-recognizable MockSMTP features include:

  • Open-source tool: MockSMTP is free to use and is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license.
  • Easy integration: It can be easily integrated with Java-based applications using the JavaMail API.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.
  • SMTP authentication support: It supports SMTP authentication, allowing users to test authenticated email functionality.
  • SSL/TLS support: MockSMTP supports SSL/TLS encryption for secure email transmission.
  • Email analytics: It provides detailed email analytics, such as email subject, sender and recipient details, and email content.

#MockSMTP Use-Cases

Some of the MockSMTP use-cases are:

  • Email testing: MockSMTP is primarily used for testing email functionality in Java-based applications.
  • Debugging: Developers can use MockSMTP to debug email functionality and track email issues during development.
  • Quality assurance: QA teams can use MockSMTP to test email functionality and ensure that emails are sent correctly.

#MockSMTP Summary

MockSMTP is a Java-based, open-source email testing tool that provides easy integration, cross-platform compatibility, SMTP authentication, SSL/TLS support, email analytics, and is primarily used for email testing, debugging, and quality assurance.

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