Kolab Mail Transfer Agent

Kolab is a secure, scalable, and reliable groupware server that provides email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and other collaboration tools.

#What is Kolab?

Kolab is an open-source groupware email server that aims to provide a complete email and groupware solution. It features a wide range of applications, including email, calendars, address books, notes, and file storage.

#Kolab Key Features

Most recognizable Kolab features include:

  • Support for a variety of email protocols, including SMTP, IMAP, and POP3.
  • Integration with webmail clients, such as Roundcube and Horde.
  • Collaborative tools for groups, such as shared calendars and contact lists.
  • Encryption and security features, such as support for GnuPG and SSL/TLS.
  • Flexible deployment options, with support for both on-premise and cloud-based setups.
  • A modular architecture, allowing for customization and integration with other software.

#Kolab Use-Cases

Some of the Kolab use-cases are:

  • Small and medium-sized businesses looking for a complete email and groupware solution.
  • Government organizations and NGOs with strict data security requirements.
  • Education institutions and research groups that require collaborative tools for project management.
  • Independent developers and system administrators who prefer open-source software.
  • Any organization looking for a flexible and customizable email server solution.

#Kolab Summary

Kolab is an open-source groupware email server that provides a complete email and groupware solution, with support for various email protocols, collaborative tools, encryption and security features, flexible deployment options, and a modular architecture. It is suited for a range of use cases, including small and medium-sized businesses, government organizations, education institutions, independent developers, and any organization looking for a customizable email server solution.

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