SurgeMail Mail Transfer Agent

SurgeMail is a mail server with integrated webmail, mailing lists, anti-spam, and a web-based administration panel.

#What is SurgeMail?

SurgeMail is a mail server software used by companies, ISPs, and governments to handle email communication. It is designed to work with Windows, Unix, and Linux operating systems and has a small memory footprint. SurgeMail offers a wide range of features, including virus and spam filtering, webmail, and multiple domain support.

#SurgeMail Key Features

Most recognizable SurgeMail features include:

  • Advanced spam and virus protection to keep users’ inboxes safe
  • Webmail with advanced features like drag-and-drop, contacts, and calendar
  • Mobile access to email with synchronization support for multiple devices
  • Integrated web server with support for SSL, TLS, and HTTPS
  • Robust administration tools for user management, spam control, and reporting
  • Supports multi-tenant environments, allowing service providers to manage multiple domains and customers from one installation

#SurgeMail Use-Cases

Some of the SurgeMail use-cases are:

  • Businesses looking for a secure and reliable email server for their organization
  • ISPs and web hosting companies looking for a mail server that can handle multiple domains and customers
  • Governments and other organizations that require secure email communication for their employees and partners

#SurgeMail Summary

SurgeMail is a versatile and feature-rich mail transfer agent that can be used in a variety of environments, from small businesses to large enterprises. Its advanced spam and virus protection, webmail, and mobile access features make it an attractive option for those looking for a secure and reliable email server.

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