Skylight Monitoring Performance

Skylight is a cloud-based application performance monitoring tool for Ruby, Rails, and Elixir applications. It provides deep insights into application performance and helps developers identify and fix issues quickly.

#What is Skylight?

Skylight APM is a performance monitoring solution designed for modern web applications. It provides real-time insights into application performance and allows developers to quickly diagnose and fix issues that may be affecting user experience.

#Skylight Key Features

Some of the most recognizable features of Skylight APM include:

  • Automatic instrumentation for Ruby and Elixir applications
  • Real-time performance monitoring and tracing
  • Code profiling to identify slow requests and bottlenecks
  • Built-in alerting and anomaly detection
  • Integration with popular development tools like GitHub and Slack
  • Historical data retention and analysis for long-term performance tracking

#Skylight Use-Cases

Skylight APM is primarily used by developers and DevOps teams to monitor the performance of web applications in production. Some common use cases include:

  • Identifying and diagnosing application performance issues
  • Analyzing slow requests and identifying bottlenecks in the application code
  • Monitoring the impact of code changes on application performance
  • Alerting on anomalies and potential issues before they impact users
  • Tracking long-term performance trends and identifying areas for optimization
  • Collaborating with team members to quickly diagnose and fix performance issues

#Skylight Summary

Skylight APM is a real-time performance monitoring solution for modern web applications that provides automatic instrumentation, real-time tracing and profiling, built-in alerting and anomaly detection, and integrations with popular development tools. It is primarily used by developers and DevOps teams to identify and diagnose performance issues and optimize application performance.

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