Tideways Monitoring Performance

Tideways is a PHP performance monitoring and profiling solution that traces your application performance and optimizes it for maximum speed and scalability.

#What is Tideways?

Tideways Application Performance Monitoring is a cloud-based tool that enables developers to identify performance issues in their applications quickly. It helps in tracking performance metrics in real-time and alerts users in case of any anomalies. Tideways also provides insights into slow database queries and helps identify issues with PHP code.

#Tideways Key Features

Most recognizable Tideways features include:

  • Exception tracking and error diagnostics
  • Real-time code profiling and tracing
  • Dashboard for performance metrics and alerts
  • Slow database queries and external requests tracing
  • Integration with popular frameworks and libraries
  • Detailed performance reports and analysis

#Tideways Use-Cases

Some of the Tideways use-cases are:

  • Identifying bottlenecks in web applications and APIs
  • Analyzing code performance and improving resource utilization
  • Monitoring server performance and resource usage
  • Identifying and resolving database performance issues
  • Alerting on application errors and exceptions
  • Identifying issues in external services and APIs

#Tideways Summary

Tideways Application Performance Monitoring is a cloud-based tool that helps developers identify and fix performance issues in their applications. It provides real-time performance metrics, code profiling, and tracing, and integrates with popular frameworks and libraries to help users optimize application performance.

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