Carthage Package Manager

Carthage is intended to be the simplest way to add frameworks to your Cocoa application.

#What is Carthage?

Carthage is a decentralized dependency manager for macOS and iOS platforms, designed to simplify the process of managing third-party libraries in Xcode projects. It allows developers to declare project dependencies in a Cartfile, which specifies the library name, version, and source. Carthage then fetches and builds the libraries, generates Xcode project files, and links the libraries to the project.

#Carthage Key Features

Most recognizable Carthage features include:

  • Decentralized dependency management
  • Integration with Git, GitHub, and other sources
  • Automatic library fetching and building
  • Version locking and updating
  • Support for multiple platforms and architectures
  • Integration with Xcode project files

#Carthage Use-Cases

Some of the Carthage use-cases are:

  • Management of third-party libraries in macOS and iOS projects
  • Provisioning and deployment of macOS and iOS applications
  • Collaboration and sharing of project dependencies
  • Customizable library sources and repositories
  • Development and testing of macOS and iOS projects
  • Efficient and fast installation and updating of libraries

#Carthage Summary

Carthage is a decentralized dependency manager for macOS and iOS platforms, featuring automatic library fetching, integration with Git and other sources, and support for multiple platforms and architectures, suitable for various use-cases such as project development, collaboration, and deployment.

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