TextAngular Rich Text Editor

A radically powerful Text-Editor/Wysiwyg editor for Angular.js! Create multiple editor instances, two-way-bind HTML content, watch editors for changes and more!

#What is TextAngular?

TextAngular is an open-source, WYSIWYG rich text editor built on top of AngularJS framework. It provides a set of user-friendly features to help users create and edit content in web applications. TextAngular comes with a customizable toolbar, which enables users to apply formatting to their text, create tables, add images and videos, and more.

#TextAngular Key Features

Most recognizable TextAngular features include:

  • Customizable toolbar: The editor comes with a flexible toolbar that allows users to add or remove buttons according to their needs.
  • Multi-language support: TextAngular supports multiple languages and is easy to localize for different regions.
  • Drag and drop images: Users can drag and drop images directly into the editor to add them to their content.
  • Inline editing: Users can edit their content inline without having to switch to the preview mode.
  • Responsive design: TextAngular is designed to work on all devices, from desktops to smartphones.
  • Accessibility: The editor is designed to be accessible to users with disabilities, with features like keyboard shortcuts and support for screen readers.

#TextAngular Use-Cases

Some of the TextAngular use-cases are:

  • Content management systems: TextAngular can be used in any web application that requires rich text editing, such as CMSs, e-commerce sites, and forums.
  • Online document editors: TextAngular can be used to build online document editors for creating and editing documents.
  • Collaborative editing: TextAngular can be integrated with collaboration tools like Google Docs to enable multiple users to edit the same document simultaneously.

#TextAngular Summary

TextAngular is a powerful and flexible rich text editor that can be used in a wide range of web applications, providing users with a variety of features and a customizable toolbar.

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