Easy-peasy State Management

Easy-peasy is a type-safe state management library for React apps featuring Redux-like API, hooks-based API and simplified version of the stateful logic.

#What is Easy-peasy?

Easy-peasy is a state management library for React applications. It provides a simple and easy-to-use API for managing state across components. Easy-peasy is designed to be lightweight, flexible, and scalable, making it a popular choice for both small and large applications.

#Easy-peasy Key Features

Most recognizable Easy-peasy features include:

  • Simple API: Easy-peasy provides a simple and intuitive API for managing state.
  • Minimal Boilerplate: Easy-peasy requires minimal boilerplate code, making it easy to get started with.
  • Flexible: Easy-peasy is flexible and can be easily customized to fit the needs of your application.
  • TypeScript Support: Easy-peasy has built-in support for TypeScript, making it a great choice for TypeScript applications.
  • Async Actions: Easy-peasy supports async actions, allowing you to manage asynchronous data flows with ease.
  • React Hooks: Easy-peasy uses React Hooks for managing state, making it compatible with the latest version of React.

#Easy-peasy Use-Cases

Some of the Easy-peasy use-cases are:

  • Small to medium-sized applications that require simple state management.
  • Applications that require a lightweight and flexible state management solution.
  • Applications that use React as their front-end framework.
  • Applications that require TypeScript support.
  • Applications with complex data flows that require async actions.

#Easy-peasy Summary

Easy-peasy is a lightweight and flexible state management library for React applications with a simple API, minimal boilerplate, TypeScript support, async actions, and React Hooks-based state management, suitable for a wide range of applications with different requirements.

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