Mst State Management

Opinionated, transactional, MobX powered state container combining the best features of the immutable and mutable world for an optimal DX

#What is Mst?

MST (MobX State Tree) is a state management library that is built on top of MobX, providing developers with a simpler way to manage the state of their application. It allows developers to define the shape and behavior of the state in a more structured way, making it easier to reason about and manage.

#Mst Key Features

Most recognizable Mst features include:

  • Type safety: MST provides type safety out of the box, allowing developers to define the shape of their state using a simple syntax.
  • Tree structure: MST models the state as a tree, with each node in the tree representing a part of the state. This makes it easier to understand the structure of the state and how it relates to the rest of the application.
  • Time-travel debugging: MST comes with built-in support for time-travel debugging, which allows developers to step through the history of the state and see how it changed over time.

#Mst Use-Cases

Some of the Mst use-cases are:

  • Large-scale applications: MST is particularly well-suited for large-scale applications, where the state can become complex and difficult to manage without a structured approach.
  • Collaboration: MST’s tree structure and type safety make it easier for teams to collaborate on the same codebase, as everyone can be confident that they are working with the same data structure.
  • Complex UIs: Applications with complex user interfaces often have complex state requirements. MST’s structured approach to state management can help simplify this complexity and make it easier to reason about the state.

#Mst Summary

MST is a state management library that provides type safety, a tree structure for modeling state, and built-in support for time-travel debugging. It is well-suited for large-scale applications, collaborative development, and applications with complex user interfaces.

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