Storeon State Management

Storeon is a tiny and fast state manager for React and Preact that uses a Redux-like unidirectional data flow.

#What is Storeon?

Storeon is a lightweight state management library for front-end applications that use JavaScript. It utilizes a Redux-inspired design that enables you to manage state in an unobtrusive and efficient manner. Storeon aims to keep your state management code as straightforward as possible while providing all the features that you need to manage your application’s state.

#Storeon Key Features

Most recognizable Storeon features include:

  • Storeon is small and lightweight, with a size of just 600 bytes when gzipped.
  • It has a Redux-like architecture, with stores and reducers, that makes it familiar to developers who are already familiar with Redux.
  • Storeon integrates seamlessly with any JavaScript framework, including React, Vue, and Angular.
  • It supports asynchronous actions, which enables you to fetch data from APIs and handle other asynchronous tasks in your application.
  • Storeon supports plugins, which allow you to extend the functionality of the library without sacrificing performance.
  • It provides a simple and intuitive API that makes it easy to learn and use.

#Storeon Use-Cases

Some of the Storeon use-cases are:

  • Small to medium-sized applications that require a state management library that is both lightweight and easy to use.
  • Applications that require asynchronous data fetching from APIs.
  • Projects that are built with different front-end frameworks and require a state management solution that can be used across all of them.

#Storeon Summary

Storeon is a lightweight state management library for JavaScript applications that utilizes a Redux-inspired architecture, supports asynchronous actions, integrates with any JavaScript framework, and provides a simple and intuitive API.

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