SimpleHTTPServer Web Server

SimpleHTTPServer is a module built into Python that allows you to run a basic web server with just a few lines of code.

#What is SimpleHTTPServer?

SimpleHTTPServer is a web server that is built into the Python programming language. It is a simple and lightweight web server that allows developers to quickly serve files over HTTP. It is typically used for testing or debugging purposes and is not recommended for production environments.

#SimpleHTTPServer Key Features

Most recognizable SimpleHTTPServer features include:

  • Built into Python: SimpleHTTPServer is included with Python, so no additional software installation is required.
  • Easy to use: It is very easy to start the server and serve files with just a few lines of code.
  • Lightweight: It has a small footprint and requires very little system resources.
  • Supports HTTP GET and HEAD requests: It supports the most common HTTP request methods used to retrieve files.
  • Basic authentication: It supports basic authentication for restricting access to files.
  • Configurable port: The port used by the server can be easily configured.

#SimpleHTTPServer Use-Cases

Some of the SimpleHTTPServer use-cases are:

  • Testing and debugging: SimpleHTTPServer is commonly used by developers for testing and debugging purposes.
  • Serving static files: It can be used to quickly serve static files over HTTP.
  • Local file sharing: It can be used to share files between devices on a local network.

#SimpleHTTPServer Summary

SimpleHTTPServer is a simple and lightweight web server built into Python that is typically used for testing and debugging, serving static files, and local file sharing.

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