WildFly Web Server

WildFly, formerly known as JBoss AS, or simply JBoss, is an application server authored by JBoss, now developed by Red Hat.

#What is WildFly?

WildFly is a free, open-source Java application server that provides a platform for deploying and managing Java-based applications. It was formerly known as JBoss AS (Application Server) and is developed by Red Hat. It supports various Java frameworks and APIs, including Java EE, Spring, and Hibernate.

#WildFly Key Features

Most recognizable WildFly features include:

  • High availability and clustering support
  • Modular architecture and easy extensibility
  • Support for Java EE and MicroProfile standards
  • Web console for managing and monitoring server resources
  • Advanced security features, such as role-based access control and SSL/TLS encryption
  • Integration with popular databases and messaging systems

#WildFly Use-Cases

Some of the WildFly use-cases are:

  • Deploying and running Java-based web applications and services
  • Building and deploying microservices architectures
  • Implementing enterprise applications that require high scalability, availability, and performance
  • Developing and testing Java EE applications in a local development environment
  • Building and deploying containerized applications using Docker or Kubernetes
  • Providing a platform for developing and running modern web applications using frameworks such as Spring Boot and Quarkus

#WildFly Summary

WildFly is a versatile and powerful Java application server that provides developers with a reliable and feature-rich platform for building and deploying Java-based applications.

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