Sails.js WebSockets Web Sockets

Sails.js is a web framework that provides a robust set of features for building real-time applications using WebSockets.

#What is Sails.js WebSockets?

Sails.js is a Node.js-based web framework that allows for real-time event-driven applications using WebSockets. It is built on top of the popular Express.js framework and uses as its default WebSocket library.

#Sails.js WebSockets Key Features

Most recognizable Sails.js WebSockets features include:

  • WebSocket support out of the box through
  • Blueprint API, which auto-generates RESTful endpoints for data models
  • Policies for controlling access to endpoints
  • MVC architecture with built-in support for models, controllers, and views
  • Built-in support for various databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB
  • Extensive community-built plugins and modules.

#Sails.js WebSockets Use-Cases

Some of the Sails.js WebSockets use-cases are:

  • Real-time collaboration applications, such as chat rooms and whiteboards
  • Multi-player games that require real-time updates and events
  • Financial trading platforms that require real-time data updates
  • IoT applications that require real-time monitoring and control.

#Sails.js WebSockets Summary

Sails.js is a Node.js-based web framework that provides built-in support for WebSockets using and is ideal for real-time event-driven applications. It offers a robust set of features, including an auto-generated RESTful API and support for various databases, and is used for a variety of use cases, from multi-player games to financial trading platforms.

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