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WebSocket++ is a header only C++ library that implements RFC6455 The WebSocket Protocol. It allows integrating WebSocket client and server functionality into C++ programs.

#What is WebSocket++?

WebSocket++ is an open-source WebSocket implementation for modern C++. It enables bi-directional, event-driven communication between web browsers and servers in real-time, making it an ideal choice for building scalable, high-performance applications.

#WebSocket++ Key Features

Most recognizable WebSocket++ features include:

  • Easy-to-use API: WebSocket++ provides an intuitive and easy-to-use API for working with WebSocket connections in C++.
  • Performance: It’s designed with performance in mind, making use of modern C++ techniques such as move semantics, memory pooling, and multi-threading.
  • Cross-platform support: WebSocket++ is supported on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, macOS, and others.
  • Secure WebSocket connections: It provides support for secure WebSocket connections via SSL/TLS.
  • Customizable: WebSocket++ allows developers to customize their WebSocket implementation according to their specific needs.

#WebSocket++ Use-Cases

Active community: WebSocket++ has an active community of developers who contribute to its development and provide support to users.

#WebSocket++ Use-Cases

Some of the WebSocket++ use-cases are:

  • Real-time communication: It’s ideal for building real-time web applications such as chat rooms, online gaming, and stock trading platforms.
  • IoT applications: WebSocket++ can be used to build Internet of Things (IoT) applications, where real-time data exchange is required between devices and servers.
  • Finance and trading applications: It can be used to build high-performance finance and trading applications that require real-time data updates and low-latency communication.

#WebSocket++ Summary

WebSocket++ is an open-source, high-performance WebSocket implementation for C++ that enables real-time, bi-directional communication between web browsers and servers. Its easy-to-use API, cross-platform support, and active community make it a popular choice for building scalable and performant web applications.

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