Clojure Programming Language

Clojure is a modern, dynamic, and functional dialect of the Lisp programming language on the Java platform. Like Lisp, Clojure treats code as data and has a powerful macro system.

Clojure external tutorials

Awesome Clojure tutorials and guides from all over the Internet.

  • Clojure Crash CourseLevel: Beginner. By: Tom McQueeney. Duration: 2 hours.A free video tutorial that provides a quick introduction to Clojure for programmers who are already familiar with other programming languages.
  • Clojure for Java DevelopersLevel: Intermediate. By: Clojure Contributors. Duration: 10+ hours.A guide that helps Java developers to transition to Clojure by highlighting the similarities and differences between the two languages.
  • Clojure for the Brave and TrueLevel: Beginner. By: Daniel Higginbotham. Duration: 20+ hours.An online book that provides a comprehensive and fun introduction to Clojure for beginners.
  • Clojure KoansLevel: Intermediate. By: Functional Koans. Duration: 10+ hours.A set of exercises that guide you through the Clojure programming language, helping you learn by solving problems.
  • ClojureScript TutorialLevel: Intermediate. By: ClojureScript Contributors. Duration: 10+ hours.A step-by-step guide that introduces ClojureScript, a compiler for Clojure that targets JavaScript.
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