Julia Programming Language

Julia is a high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language designed for numerical computing, data science, and scientific computing. Julia’s syntax is familiar and similar to that of MATLAB, but with performance comparable to traditional statically-typed compiled languages like C.

Julia external tutorials

Awesome Julia tutorials and guides from all over the Internet.

  • Coursera: Julia Scientific ProgrammingLevel: Beginner. By: Jane Herriman. Duration: 14 hours.A course that covers Julia syntax, data types, and programming constructs for scientific computing.
  • JuliaAcademyLevel: Beginner. By: Various. Duration: Varies.Online courses, webinars, and workshops for Julia.
  • Julia DocumentationLevel: Beginner. By: The Julia Language Contributors. Duration: Varies.Official Julia documentation with tutorials and examples.
  • Julia for Data ScienceLevel: Beginner. By: Alexander Mihailov. Duration: 4 hours.A tutorial series that introduces the use of Julia programming language for data science, including data visualization and machine learning.
  • Julia Programming for Numerical AnalysisLevel: Beginner. By: Chris Rackauckas. Duration: 3 hours.A tutorial series that covers the use of Julia programming language for numerical analysis, including linear algebra, optimization, and differential equations.
  • Julia Programming Language TutorialLevel: Beginner. By: Tutorialspoint. Duration: 8 hours.A comprehensive tutorial that covers the basics of Julia programming language, including data types, control structures, and functions.
  • Julia Programming TutorialLevel: Beginner. By: Javatpoint Team. Duration: 10 hours.Learn Julia Programming language with practical examples and syntax.
  • Julia Programming Tutorial: Learn the Basics of Julia LanguageLevel: Beginner. By: The Engineering World. Duration: 3 hours.A beginner-level video tutorial that covers the basics of Julia programming language, its syntax, and its key features.
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